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​Scrumptious Roast Beef  supplier

A versatile marinade.  The supplier

makes it flexible on red meats and

vegetables.  People are loving this

flavour, especially when it's used

to add a special flavour to a good

vegetable stir fry. 

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                   ​​​Welcome to Dilite-Mi Onestop Ltd!

We're not exactly like other manufacturing companies.  We are the supplier who loves to tantalise your taste buds, with premium marinade seasonings.  So come and "celebrate  our flavours with exotic vibes."  Our products are free from additives, artificial preservatives, artificial flavours  and colours, gluten or added MSG. 

To show how unique our products are, you don't need to add a grain of salt because 
"every little thing is in our mix,"  to take you to the next level, with a taste and flavour unlike any other.  That's our manufacturing nature.
Try any of our premium products:  lamb, turkey, chicken, and red meat.    All are suitable for cooking a range of other meats and poultry.  See the range of our products below.  For B2B service, see our Contact details below. 

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Grilled Zesty Chicken Wings

Dilite-Mi Hot & spicy chicken wings with sweet potatoes & vegetables. We're the supplier of a taste & flavour you won't forget.

Marinated Turkey steaks

The steaks are marinated and  cook according to your desire. We're the only supplier with with these products, so see recipes for ideas and cooking tips.

Winter warmer Lamb's Shanks 

Our company is the supplier for tasty flavours with  finger licking lamb shanks,  to excite your palate; so succulent and tasty, you'll be coming back for more.  

Let's be Your Supplier for Authentic Marinade Seasonings