Operation Director

CEO : Academic achievements:

MA-Hospitality Management, BA HONS-Travel & Tourism Management, PGCE -Post Sixteen,  HND Bcot.

Mission Statements

Our mission is to be “an innovative and successful catering business, with loyal customers.” To  achieve this, we seek to do the following:

(1). Build a reputable business. We will achieve this by offering our customers high quality  products and services.

(2). We value our customers and take their eating experiences seriously; therefore our role is to be consistent and reliable, with the  standards and quality of our products, in order to enhance customers’ satisfaction.

(3). We will continue to tailor our products to customers’ needs, with strong focus on the changing market; thus we will be innovative, so that we meet healthier consumer demands, whilst maintaining and attracting new business.

(4). The end result is to acquire a steady business growth, with increase customers for the foreseeable future.

Why Us

We're offering you a unique taste and flavour, while taking the hassles out of cooking.   With “every little thing in a mix”, there is an easier and better way of preparing tasty meat dishes in minutes from scratch, even if you are a novice at cooking. 

About Us                                                                                               Dilite-Mi Onestop® Ltd is a family business. With strong Jamaican ties, we have learnt how to create great meals from simple foods. Not only are we creative with foods, but we are also keen on flavour and taste. As such, our aim is to reach the palate of customers with our new experience, as you "celebrate flavour with exotic vibes." 

As the Director of this business, I have developed some authentic marinade seasonings for lamb, chicken, turkey, and red meats; our Onestop Seasonings are appealing to all sectors of the market.  This includes: the taste buds of everyone who likes delicious tasting meats.  We are ready to serve retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, large parties, weddings, and personal use. 

This new brand is called Dilite-Mi Onestop i.e all you need to make a tasty meat dish is 25g of our marinades to cook 600g of chicken.  Some customers say they are effortless, yet filled with great taste and flavour.  To show how easy it is to use,  just simply clean the meat and rub in the seasoning and cook.