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                               Customers' Testimonials !

1. Really nice taste, with a spicy after taste, very moist meat and loved the sauce...really lovely food! From: Guest @ "Come & Taste"

2. I enjoyed the flavour of the seasonings. From: Guest @ "Come & Taste"

3. "Very good, the meat is well seasoned and tender, taste amazing." From: Buyer @" "Come & Taste"

4. "Loved all the products. This takes me back to my childhood where I had this taste before." From: Neil @ "Come & Taste"

5. Very tantalising, I will be buying this marinade.  Love the chicken, really love the chicken, love the beef even better." From: Buyer @ Vine School "Come & Taste"

6. "Amazing as always, keep up the good work, love it, so juicy and flavoursome, Children couldn't get enough." From: Buyer @ Popley Festival
7. "This marinade is amazing! Bought some at the Popley Festival; got the hot version and it's absolutely banging! Highly recommend." From: Buyer @ Popley Festival

8. "This really is the best marinade on the market, natural ingredients you know what's in it. It tastes delicious, simple and extremely very good value for money. This is a must for our kitchen and a favourite meal for us. Genuine people, thank you Audrey and Tony we'll always be a Dilite-Mi Customer - highly recommended, love it, keep up the good work xx." From: Returning customers- Danny & Clair

9. "The word I can use to describe it is wow! These seasoning need more exposure to all first class market places. such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons and the others because there is no other like it." From:Chris De Ambassador 

10. "Thanks so very much for the Dilite marinade; it was a huge success with the family."   From: Fiona, Basingstoke 

11. "The only fault we find is when the meat finished." Pietro & Charlotte

12. "Our family tested the sample and my wife is down on me for it. I made some at times, but she really like yours."  From: Leroy-Alton

13. "Nothing so good has ever entered my mouth." Barber, Basingstoke

14. "It’s very good. Anything with more than 3 steps is not for me. I like this. It’s nice and easy to use."  From: Francine 

15. "It's delicious." From: Anonymous

16. "Very easy to use; I like the way it sits on the meat." From: Derek.

17. "Much better than anything I've tried in the supermarkets. Nothing like it." From: Returning customer, Basingstoke

18. "What I like about it is that it is delicious, and effortless." From: Hadley. 

19. "It's very nice. I love it. Easy to use." Buyer, Basingstoke

20. "This is how I like it. It is really good. I need a jar, not a sachet." From: First time buyer 

21. "When will it be in the shops?" From: First time buyer

22.  "It’s really nice. Can I have some to take for my step-father It’s yummy. It’s very nice." From a Child @ Popley Festival

23.  "If you open a restaurant. I'll buy it by the bucket." From: College student- Alton

24. "Delicious, love it...!"  From Mary.

25. "It was not just nice, but awfully nice." 

26.  "Love it to bits, can't get it in any of the supermarkets." From: Claire, Basingstoke

27.  "Love it can't done, but it's finish." From: Anonymous, Basingstoke

28. "Your seasoning was amazing. Thank you! From:  First Time User

29. "I try the seasoning on some turkey legs, yum, yum yummy!!!! very, very good." From: Pat, Florida

30. "Excellent, Excellent!" From: Jackie, Jacksonville, Florida

31. " It's the season for the Season.Really good!" From: Ken, Coral Spring, Florida

The roast joint was made by an adventurous customer, who creates her own styles, by using the red meat flavour marinade, shown above.

From: Michelle, Basingstoke