Best experience in market research.

(1): Toddler enjoying her "come and taste"chicken

Popley Field's Annual Festival 21/05/2017

​Hundreds of guests & exhibitors sampled the "Rub & Cook" marinades.​ People loved the taste  and flavour! they keep coming back for more.

(2): Mother and child sampling the marinate"Come & Taste"

​(4): Using the halogen ovens to cook the chicken parts

(1): Staffs in the kitchen cleaning up after the Dilite mi "Come & taste" 

OLYMPIA, LONDON:  4-6 September 2016

Dilite-Mi Onestop "maiden voyage"

(1): C.E.O  presenting a "Come & Taste to the Mayor.And Mayes of Basinkstoke

(3): Children helping themselves at the " Come & Taste" evening 

(5):  The different types of marinade Seasoning

Made in Basingstoke Festival 23/07/2017.

(4): More Customers queuing up to sample "Come & Taste" marinade seasoning. .

(3): Director and two children who love the marinate chicken "Come & Taste"

Who Dares Win! We tested the waters to get the market's reaction.

(2): People sitting around the table sampling Dilite Mi Marinade "Come & Taste"

The Vyne Community School  Basingstoke 01/04/17