Excel Sept 2017

This is our son who is very passionate about food, and skilful in music; he's versatile, has great sense of humour, and a brilliant chef in the making.  

 "Come & Taste" in Basingstoke -01/04/17

​​Best experience in market research!

 A team member attracted a crying toddler with chicken samples. The child reached out and took a piece, as her mother and others watched. She puts the chicken in her mouth; all her tears went.  From that moment, all she wanted was more chicken.

Popley Field's Annual Festival -21/05/2017

I admired this child. She reached out several times after her first taste.  Wish you could see when her hands and feet started dancing. 

Made in Basingstoke Festival 2017

​Hundreds of guests & exhibitors sampled our Onestop "Rub & Cook" marinades seasonings.​ Everyone loved them! Some exhibitors kept coming back for more each day.  Others send their friends to taste the products. Tasting is believing.

Excel 2017 is where we have launch our products.

OLYMPIA, LONDON:  4-6 September 2016

The day was partly cloudy, but the "Vibes" were great.  We had lots of takers, tasters, and buyers.  Most thrilling were the children.  Some were enthusiastic to sample. When a parent asked her son how it was, the boy said, "it's amazing".  The mother immediately bought a jar of the marinade seasonings. 

Special guests were the Mayor and Mayoress of Basingstoke.  They too loved the marinade flavour.  

This was an invitation for local people to "Come & Taste" the flavours of our marinades. As you can see, a young child is helping herself.

Made in Basingstoke Festival 23/07/2017.

Who Dares Wins! We were determined to research the market by cooking turkey and chicken at Olympia for 3 days,  so exhibitors and buyers could taste the marinade flavours.