Hear we have some finger licking parts that was done in the oven. This was bakeed & grilled to tantalise the pallets of ever one who love's good tasty food.

200g Chicken Seasoning

 Hot & Spicy Chicken Parts

You only need 100g of marinade seasoning to cook 2.4kg of chicken  parts, for  8-10 adults.  The procedures are very easy and simple, but the result is this- you will end up with a very delicious tasting meat.   For further cooking tips, see "How to cook recipe" page.

Perfect Meal for 8-10 adults

This is a “ready to-go chicken” for a family meal or for a special occasion. Add baked potatoes & vegetables for a complete meal. You need 100g Dilite-Mi Chicken Seasoning.

Chicken  Marinade Seasoning

 Oven Roast Hot & Spicy Chicken

Oven Bake Chicken

Here you can see some Tasty oven bake  chicken portions.  It was first marinated and set aside overnight in the fridge. When marinated overnight, it brings out a much deeper flavour-straight to the bones.