Our delicious finger licking lamb shanks meal will excite your palate; so succulent and tasty, you'll be coming back for more.  
Winter Warmer Lamb's

200g Lamb Marinade Seasoning.

Winter Warmer Lamb's Shank

It's time to get into the grove.  lamb is one of the most delicious meats, when it comes to roasting, grilling, frying, or even barbecuing. when it comes to quality products a little goes a far way. A sachet of 100g allow you to cook a good family roast with ease

Half lamb's leg is marinated and ready to wrapped in foil, then put into a hot oven for roasting. To get a tasty flavour, buy our Dilite-Mi Lamb's marinade seasoning, then follow instructions on the Jar/Pouch.

Lamb's leg cleaned & pierced with a pointed knife ready to marinate  When the marinade is applied, it helps the seasoning to soak more effectively to the bone.

Dilite-Mi Lamb Seasoning

Fresh Lamb's Leg

Marinated Lamb's Leg