Check this big bird out, it is not dry or boring as we are told. With Dilite mi marinade your bird will never be the same.It is delouse and suckle, turkey never taste this nice.

Cooked Turkey (Well Juicy)

200g Turkey Seasoning

Turkey Brest

Turkey does not need to be dry and tasteless.  We transform turkey with our special blend of herbs & spices so   you can eat and enjoy this meat without knowing what you have eaten, unless we tell you. We can show you how to: from  roasting a whole bird to cooking parts, this is where transformation begins.

Some grilled turkey steaks help you to enjoy a meal that is very easy to prepare. All you need is 50g of marinade seasoning to cook at least 550g of turkey steaks. Serve 3-4 people.

Turkey  Marinade Seasoning

Grilled Turkey Steaks