How to cook? 

A young child Enjoying the chicken

All our flavours are suitable for the youngest member of the family.  See an example below.

Our Gift to You!

We are giving you the tools to become a professional cook, who uses little energy to get great results in far less time. Our method is as easy as 1,2,3. i.e. clean the meat, rub in the marinade, then cook.  


Our job is to show you how you can make a delicious tasting meat dished from scratch.  We provide few examples of marinated and cooked meats.  Applying the marinades seasoning are the easiest thing you have to do.  The combination of natural products brings out a true authentic flavour, unlike any other; this transforms the flavour of your meats or other poultries.  To get you started, just follow the simple instructions on the pages listed, then tells us all about it.  Thanks for visiting this page!

What we've done!

​​We are revolutionising seasonings that minimise cooking time, and maximise taste and flavour.  By trying it once you will discover how you can change the way you prepare your meals and excite your guests.