What we offer

We are offering some new tasty marinade seasonings that are lip smacking and appeal to your entire taste-buds. Since our products are very classy, they compel you to immerse yourself into an unforgettable dining experience. This experience comes with a DIY with very little effort. We do four types of seasonings that will enable you to cook like a classic Caribbean chef: We offer lamb, chicken, turkey, and an Red Meat seasoning for red meats and poultries . We can tailor them to meet your needs, so you can have it hot & spicy or regular. Onestop seasonings are "easy to use and effortless." Just rub it in and cook in the oven, on the grill, jerk/barbecue, or on the hob, to get your tantalising tasty meat dish. No additives, MSG, gluten or artificial preservatives are included. These Marinade also comes into Tubs of 1250g  where retailers can buy.

 Four Types Of Marinade Seasoning

Customise Samples:

We also specialise in tailoring our products to meet your needs. For instance, if you are having a party for a minimum of 6 -100 people, we can provide You with the exact amount of marinade seasoning to do the job. this minimise time and pressure. We can supply  tubs from 1.250kg or more. These are suitable for large social functions like parties, barbecues, weddings etc. Whatever you desire we can supply your needs.