Our Services  to you!

We're not only keen on our products' taste and flavour; but equally, we're  interested in the quality of service that we are offering you. They include personalised one-to-one advice and support during and after sales. To constantly improve our services. Thus, feel free to send us your  comments and feedback through our website or email.  Additionally, we want to address any queries/concerns raised by customers, within 24 hours where possible. If not, we hope to get back to you with an acknowledgement to re-assure you that we are aware of any queries you might have.

PS: The art of cooking with Dilite-Mi Onestop Seasoning is to get the correct balance with the meat and the marinade seasonings- i.e. 600g is the minimum amount of chicken parts required to 25g or seasonings; 1kg of chicken parts requires 50g of marinade seasoning-just multiply or subtract according to your needs. People who are on a low salt diet can easily use at least half the amount of seasoning.  "A little goes a long way", but if in doubt, please contact us.

Another aspect of the services include, helping customers to make the best of their social events. For instance, in case of parties, weddings or any form of celebrations, we are open to offer our services to you. This includes supplying marinade seasonings in larger quantities from 1.250kg upwards. 

We can also take the pressure off you by preparing the meat dishes if you want this service. However, this will come with an additional cost. Also, we can come to your event and prepare the foods should you desire. We can also bring pleasure to your barbecue events, by offering you marinated meats or marinade seasonings.  Whatever your needs are, we aim to find a way to make your event an unforgettable experience, that is filled with “taste and flavour all around.”